Environment and nature


Philosophy Bormio

Nature at the centre of our project.

Understanding the soul of a place is only possible by digging deep and knowing its underlying principles.

Sustainability and love for our land

Agriturismo San Gallo is set in the Bormio area, which is the beating heart of the Alps, a place where time stands still and only nature remains, with its disruptive beauty. Aware of how fortunate we are to live in such a generous place and considering it a real privilege, we believe it’s important to do everything in our power to preserve this beauty, paying particular attention to the small choices we make every day.

We know that zero impact is a utopian concept, but making eco-friendly choices is also possible for accommodation facilities. We try. You can find this philosophy in some of the small aspects of our management, such as, the furnishing of the farmhouse largely with natural wood, the methods of cultivating the land and rearing the animals, or the reduction to a minimum of packaged single dishes. This is what we owe to our land and future generations, so that they can enjoy a healthy environment and lush nature for a long time.

Respect for tradition and passion for hospitality

The philosophy with which Agriturismo San Gallo was born and managed embraces two cornerstones: respect for tradition and passion for hospitality. What we want to give our guests is a real journey into the tradition of Valtellina, which is rich in products, flavours, environments and customs, to the point of being fascinated by it. Our intention is to preserve tradition and pass it on with the passion for hospitality that has always distinguished us, made up of warmth, simplicity and attention to every detail, typical of the mountains.

Agriturismo San Gallo is all this and a bit more, come and visit us.

What they say about us

Wonderful vacation!

We enjoyed everything: the rooms, the breakfast, the garden, the domestic animals at the property. The location is very nice, in the middle of the grass fields, but so close to the center of Bormio. From the property was very convenient to go for a hike, trail running or biking. Bormio Terme Spa is also so close from the property.


Few steps away from Bormio

Immersed in the nature of San Gallo