Between territory and tradition


Restaurant Bormio

The knowledge of a territory also passes through its flavours.

At Agriturismo San Gallo, cooking becomes a way of celebrating the most authentic flavours of our tradition.

Genuine Products

The secret to preparing tasty dishes certainly lies in the passion for good food, for cooking and in the quality of the raw materials. At Agriturismo San Gallo we have all three.

We jealously guard the ancient Valtellina recipes, handed down through the ages and preserving unique and typical flavours, scents and emotions. We want to preserve the history and authenticity of the dishes we prepare, starting with genuine, high-quality raw materials. We are well aware of the excellence of the products we use in our preparations - very well indeed! Many of the raw materials used in the kitchen of the restaurant come from our farm: vegetable gardens, fields and livestock farms within the farm allow us to prepare tasty and delicious dishes of which we know the origin.

Our dishes will allow you to take sensory journeys, to discover territories and traditions that have maintained their uniqueness over time. At Agriturismo San Gallo, we boast a well-stocked wine cellar, complete with carefully selected wines, both from Valtellina and elsewhere, which will wonderfully accompany the dishes you decide to taste and which we will be happy to recommend.

Rustic environments

Part of the magic of our restaurant lies in the setting. The architecture of the dining room perfectly reflects the warm and cosy Alpine style. Enjoying traditional dishes and wines in a rustic yet refined ambience will be a wonderful experience for you. During the summer if you are our guests, you will have the opportunity to have breakfast or dinner even outdoors, surrounded by nature that will give you immense peace and tranquillity.

Useful information

The Restaurant - San Gallo Agriturismo during the winter is open every evening for dinner and there is also the possibility on Sundays to have lunch with us. During the summer months, we are always open for both lunch and dinner. Our day off is Wednesday and in both cases reservations are appreciated.

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What they say about us

A really nice experience.

I had a lovely evening here. The waiter was really friendly and helpful. The menu was simple, local, delicious and great value. The surroundings were stunning and well worth the short walk from Bormio town centre. Definitely recommended.

Few steps away from Bormio

Immersed in the nature of San Gallo